Top Tips For Brides On Transforming Your Venue

Lighting – Creating lighting that inspires and captivates has become an essential component of any memorable wedding or event. There are so many ways to achieve amazing lighting and that is all dependant on the scale of the event, time of day and venue space itself. Lights can really add a ‘wow’ factor to your wedding. They can completely colour wash any basic venue into something amazing. Our top of the range uplighters are a favourite among our clients. There are many prominent colours for weddings including blue, pink, gold and purple. Our gobo lights are also very popular and can be personalised so that the newlyweds’ initials are projected around the room or on the dance floor. Pin spots on each table are also very common at weddings as they really highlight table centrepieces. For us, lighting is a really important factor for your venue and your wedding and will make a big difference.

Theming/Colour Scheme – Theming/colour scheme is a great way of transforming any venue. A theme can create a very unique feel to your wedding. Some of our favourite themes include Winter Wonderland, English Country Garden and Great Gatsby. Colour schemes are a big factor of every wedding and really enhance the overall look and feel of the venue.

Flowers – Of course, another huge factor of your wedding. Flowers add a really special touch to a venue and can add a huge pop of colour. Whether it is white, pink or purple flowers, they look absolutely stunning in a venue and will add that wedding feel.

Draping – Draping can transform a venue and make it look so unique. Draping can be used in most venues and can be hung from walls or ceilings. It also matches themes such as Arabian nights or old Hollywood. Drapes can be made in any colour and are easily applied to most surfaces.

Staging/Backdrop/Top Table – Most brides and grooms have a top table at their wedding. This along with a backdrop and a stage can make the bride and groom really stand out. Backdrops can be any colour and many favour backdrops with white twinkle lights for that extra special touch. Backdrops can also be used behind a DJ or band. The attention of guests is always focused on the bride and grooms top table so make sure everything is perfect.

Entertainment Certain entertainers can also transform your venue. Depending on your theme, top entertainers are usually performers such as magicians, jugglers, stilt walkers, fire eaters, crystal ball performers, circus acts, dancers or singing waiters. These add an additional experience and guests will be given something to remember.