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Top 5 Themes For Your Christmas Party

Theming a venue adds that extra something and a real wow factor to any event. A very plain venue can be turned into something amazing with a bit of theming. Theming can include lighting, drapes, props and more. Themes have become increasingly popular at events. We have been asked by many clients to theme their Christmas parties this year and here are our top 5 requests…

1. 1920s/Great Gatsby Theme – Think flapper girls, peach Bellini’s, fake cigars, feathers, palm trees, gold and red colouring, martini glasses, Charleston beads, head bands…






Photos courtesy of http://www.evagoras.co.uk/

2. Winter Wonderland Theme – Think blue lighting, ice sculptures, snowflakes, Ice Queen, Jack Frost…






3. Circus Theme – Think magicians, ceiling draping, contortionists, bright lighting, stilt walkers, circus tents, elephants, clowns…





4. 1950s Hollywood Glamour Theme – Think red carpet, Marilyn Monroe lookalike, gold and red lighting, Elvis Presley singer, clapper boards, diamonds, Hollywood sign…



5. Woodland Theme – Think wooden furniture, green lighting, woodland animals, leaves, human statues, grass flooring, flowers…



1920 21


Tips on Planning a Successful Event

  1. Choose the right venue wisely – When choosing a venue for an event it is important to make sure you pick wisely, as this can play a huge part in establishing the first impression to attendees. It is important that the venue has friendly and professional staff, is easily accessible with good transport links and has good facilities such as cloakrooms, toilets, etc.
  2. Choose your suppliers wisely – It is imperative that the suppliers chosen for the event have a good reputation and are reliable.
  3. Delicious food – People always remember what the food was like at an event. If it is good, they talk about it and if it is bad, they talk about. You want to make sure you are being talked about for supplying the best food that is going to be remembered. Therefore it is worth investing in the right caterers. It can also be a great enticement for them to return to your event again.
  4. Be creative – It is always fun to get creative and there is no better time to do this than at an event. Come up with a great theme surrounding the event or something that is a little different. This will definitely get guests talking.
  5. The right entertainment – Some form of entertainment is fun at any event. Choosing the right entertainment that fits in with the event can be a real ice breaker amongst guests.
  6. Get attendees mingling and schmoosing – Having a casual networking or social component to your event can be a great way to help attendees relax and start forming relationships.
  7. Stick to your agenda - It is all about time management. Making sure your event starts and finishes on time leaves a positive impression with guests.
  8. Post event feedback – Getting feedback after an event can be very useful especially when planning for any future events. It is important to take on board the negative feedback.

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