Holiday Fun

Summer is officially over with children being back to school and everyone back to work from their holidays. The BC team had some amazing holidays this year and travelled all over the world. Here are some of the places we visited this summer…

Nicola – Kefalonia, Greece

I had the most amazing holiday ever! This was my second time in Kefalonia and this Greek island has stolen my heart. It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen and there is so much to do and see. Great wedding destination too! Here are some of my favourite pictures of Petani Beach, Lunch at Lepeda Beach, Myrtos Beach and Assos…





Niklaus – Los Alcazares, Spain

Los Alcázares is one of the most relaxing and beautiful locations along the Spanish coast; great food, great cocktails and even better views!


Donnie – Hvar, Croatia

As in true BC style, I was jet setting with the rich and famous in Croatia on island of Hvar. After arriving to the amazing Hotel Amfora, I was then island hopping around Hvar for lunch and dinner and waiting for a sunset or sunrise at Carpe Diem club. All in all amazing destination for party, sailing or just soaking up the sunshine. It is a must go destination and if this wasn’t on your bucket list please add it now. If you need a translator please give me a call!


Andrea – Cancun, Mexico

Cancun is a tropical paradise that remains one of the world’s top tourist destinations. There are places where the ocean is the perfect shade of turquoise, it’s gorgeous!! The locals are very hospitable and friendly. They are a very happy, thankful, and good-natured people. If you’re looking for a place with great weather, pumping nightlife, many accommodation options and some of the coolest activities in Mexico, Cancun is where you want to be. Excursions in Cancun that I fully recommend are chicken itza, Cancun Dolphin Royal Swim and the one day sightseeing, snorkelling and dancing catamaran cruise.


Vanessa – Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

As Brazil is my home town, I love everything about the country. One sight that I really recommend seeing if you ever visit Brazil is the Elephant Mountain in Niteroi. It is a stunning beach and has the biggest waves I have ever seen! Perfect for surfers!


Hamboula – New York, America

I had a fantastic time in New York this year. I shopped ’til I dropped, ate amazing food and had so much fun seeing all the sights. Would definitely recommend this trip if you haven’t been before. So much to do and see in New York and I can’t wait to go back soon.




Rosie – Various

Bogliasco, Italy 

The warm green waters of the Ligurian Sea lap gently against Bogliasco’s black, sandy beach. Like the village itself the beach is tiny and is popular with visitors and locals alike. Not much is known about the town because its records were plundered during the Napoleonic conquest.  However, it is certain that Bogliasco, an ancient fishing village that was well known to the Romans.


Mons, Belgium

I love a little bit of a history and if you do too, then Mons will probably evoke WW1 for most British readers. It has however been witness to many more battles than that, and if it remembers the presence of British and German troops in 1914, it is also proud of vestiges dating back to the Romans. Van Gogh was here for some time before moving on to Provence and the house he lived in can be visited.


Paris, France

Paris is called the “City of Love” for a number of reasons, including its sights, its native language and its popularity as a honeymoon destination. Although other cities sometimes claim the same moniker, Paris earns its name as a place where romance blossoms. The Eiffel tower blew my mind away. Couples dancing under the tower to the sweet sound of Tango makes you want to fall in love all over again!