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Fairy Tale Fun

Fairy Tale Fun

The word on the event street is that the fairy tale theme is hot for 2015 with the releases of ‘Into the Woods’ and ‘Cinderella’ this year. Think elves, fairies, giants, mermaids, witches, gnomes, trolls and lots of magic!

We think this theme is a winner as there is so much you can do with it and you can make any venue into an enchanted fairy tale with some dramatic décor. This theme could work for any type of event and especially for any weddings this year as well as corporate summer parties.

Fun ideas for this theme are endless! You can decorate the room based on your favourite fairy tales and dress it as if you are in your very own magical castle. For example, you could set the tables with mismatched tea cups and plates and have tea pots as flowers so you have an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ feel. Or if you are fan of ‘Sleeping Beauty’, you can have crystal bowls as centrepieces filled with polished red apples.

Greens and browns work really well for this theme with lots of wood, grass and moss detail. You could also use loads of bright colours or some lovely pastels, every colour seems to fit in with this theme! Candles and lanterns would work perfectly too.

Get in touch with us now for some more ideas but in the meantime, take a look at our mini mood boards for some ideas of décor, food, table cards, table decorations and more…










How To Pick A Theme For Your Wedding

When it comes to deciding on a theme for a wedding there are many deciding factors. See below:

Likes and Dislikes – The most important deciding factor on a couples theme for a wedding is narrowing down exactly what their likes and dislikes are. Once this has been done the theme can be created around what the couples likes are.

Time of Year – The time of year can play a huge part when deciding on the overall theme for a wedding. Popular wedding themes are as follows: -

- Spring/Summer: Vintage, English Country Garden, Sparkle, and Versailles

Theme - Country Garden

- Autumn/Winter: Winter Wonderland, Gatsby, Rustic, Black and White, Fairy-tale

Winter Wonderland

Venue and Location – The style of venue chosen for a couple’s big day can influence the theme. Some brides and grooms come up with a theme first and then look for a suitable venue/location whilst others decide on the venue/location and base the theme around the venue. It all depends on what is more important to the couple.

Budget - Not all brides are fortunate enough to have an endless money pot for their wedding so it important that they are able to have the wedding of their dreams within the budget set aside. Therefore it is important to allocate some of your budget on theming but not all of it. Think about what will make the theme stand out for instance flowers, lighting and furniture.

Age – The age group of the bride and groom as well as their guests should be considered when deciding the theme. As some younger couples may want to go with a trend whilst others may want to keep it very classic and elegant.